Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron – Open Day!

Have you always had a yearning to sail on a yacht, or see what’s behind the doors of the prestigious Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron? Today’s Chisholm & Gamon blog reports on what will be both an interesting and entertaining day – the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron Open Day, Sunday 6th of November.

At over 120 years old, the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron is one of Victoria’s oldest sailing clubs.

Conceived in 1870 by local St Kilda fisherman and yacht enthusiasts, it gathered such popularity and quality race competition that by 1905 there was enough community support to open the now-famous clubhouse. To find out more about the history and growth of the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron (including their petition to King George V to affix ‘Royal’ to the name of their club) click here.

You are now invited to the club on the 6th of the November to discover sailing for free! Sailing will begin at 10:00 am, and after all that ‘port’ and ‘stern’ talk you’ll certainly enjoy the courtesy BBQ and drinks once you’re back on solid land. Many locals from St Kilda haven’t ever experienced sailing or visited the club house – C&G encourage you to discover this local historic icon for yourself! Book early by calling 9534 0227. The Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron is currently focused on improving its facilities further, with a brand new Marina planned for construction in 2012.

If you prefer not to sail, but you enjoy the general ambiance of being by the sea you can come along to see The Titanics play on the roof patio this Sunday at the RMYS Open Day. Click here for more details on this fun afternoon by the water.

C&G In the Palm of Your Hand

It may look like a piece of unique aztec design – but the image above is actually an example of a QR code. QR codes are coming to a range of Chisholm & Gamon marketing including brochures and signage outside homes we have for sale. Read on to find out more about how these QR codes will enhance and forever change your experience of real estate with Chisholm & Gamon.

As part of C&G’s commitment to excellence and innovative customer service, we have now implemented the use of QR (quick response) codes in our property marketing. QR Codes are two dimensional codes, similar in function to a bar code. They allow rich content to be decoded at high speed, and unlike a bar code the QR pattern actually contains information – it doesn’t have to refer to a database to pull the relevant content together.

QR codes are a fantastic and easy way to share information with people.  How many times have you seen an advertisement and wanted to remember the information for later, but didn’t have time to write it down?  Someone gives you a business card and while you have good intentions of adding the information to your contacts you never get around to it and end up losing the card! 

QR codes will enrich your home-hunting experience by instantly giving you in-depth information about any property we market with a QR code featured in its marketing. Whether it’s in the form of a property video or slide show, you’ll have all the information you need immediately in the palm of your hand. All you need to do is visit the App Store and download a QR Code scanning application such as i-nigma . Then you’ll conveniently be able to open your QR code app and scan whenever you see a QR code on our Chisholm & Gamon marketing. Like orange C&G magic really…. just powered by technology.

QR code technology is one of the many new marketing initiatives you’ll see from Chisholm and Gamon. We’re committed to make selling and buying homes easier and more efficient for everyone.

Liptember with the C&G Girls

A couple of weeks ago, Chisholm & Gamon blogged about September’s Liptember fundraising and awareness project. Today’s blog looks at the energetic approach taken by the ladies from C&G (above, Liptember lippies in hand) supporting Liptember – and how you can help them. Read on.

Liptember’s focus is squarely on raising awareness of gender-specific mental health issues. Most of us are at some stage affected by friends, family or personal experiences of post-natal depression and other mental health problems. Liptember invites you to share your experiences with your community, and to use those sweet lips of yours to remove misconceptions, fear and stereotypes surrounding mental health issues in women. You can support the issue in a couple of ways – pop along to your local Myer cosmetics counter and pick up the official Liptember ’lippy’ (which is a tinted easy-to-wear Burts Bees lip balm) OR you can donate to the Chisholm & Gamon Girls’ fundraising effort. Even better – do both! Once the team at C&G heard about the fundraiser, they puckered up the the challenge and have been talking about female mental health throughout September, hoping to play their part. Funds being raised through donations and lippy sales go towards the Centre for Women’s Mental Health and Lifeline.

You can donate to the Liptember effort on the Chisholm & Gamon Girls’ fundraising page by clicking here. Good work, ladies! Beautiful and benevolent, right?

Chisholm & Gamon @ Sunrise Children’s Fundraiser – ‘Dining at Sunset’


A few weeks ago, we wrote about the Sunrise Children’s Association in Nepal - and their upcoming ‘Dining at Sunset’ fundraising event. Chisholm & Gamon were delighted to help support this special cause – and here’s our coverage of the colourful, happy night at the St Kilda Town Hall.

On Saturday, 17th of September the William Pitt designed sombre St Kilda Town Hall was turned into a joyful bazaar courtesy of the Dining at Sunset event. Over 250 people bustled in the pop-up Nepalese bazaar, rich with exotic handicrafts including silks, prayer flags, gently clinking bronzed jewellery and traditional hats. The team of Chisholm & Gamon were in particular quite taken with these elegant little hats, which they wore throughout the night – including during the rowdy auction which was wonderfully received by the enthusiastic crowd.

How happy does Sam Gamon look in his natty Nepalese number?

The gourmet feast diners enjoyed was also Nepalese, and certainly fuelled their collective appetites when it came to bidding on the charity auction items which included a 14 day trip to Nepal (wow!), artwork by Mambo’s legendary Reg Mombassa, accommodation in Port Douglas and Palm Cove and a 10 restaurant gastronomic experience.


The Chisholm & Gamon team busy raising funds for the Sunrise Children’s Orphanage.

In all, the evening was a terrific night with new friendships made and funds raised for a worthy charity. We look forward to supporting the next Nepalese night from Sunrise Children’s Orphanage – Sam, Torsten and Brett can’t wait to get their hats out again for charity!

C&G Focus Interview: Ron Buller of the Beaumaris Football Club

Today’s C&G Focus interview is with Ron Buller, Senior Club President of the Beaumaris Football Club. Chisholm & Gamon are proud to have an association with this local footy club which has shown strength season after season. Today we’d like to share our interview with Ron, and let you learn a little more about this terrific local institution. Here’s Ron!

1. How did you first come to be involved in the Beaumaris Football Club?

I first became involved in the Beaumaris F.C in 1989 when my son starting playing in the U’9 competition. I then coached in the Juniors for 3 years and was Junior President for 2 years before progressing to the senior committee.

2. What do you think the key benefits are of being involved in local football associations?

I think the benefit of being involved in a local football club is meeting some wonderful people and bring able to give something back to the local community.

3. How has the Beaumaris Football club developed in the past decade?

The football club has developed in the last decade from playing E Grade Amateurs to B Grade (Fielding 2 Senior and 2 U’19 sides). The junior club has increased its teams from 14 sides to 24 sides and now boasts being one of the biggest Australian Rules club in the country.

4. Tell us about the value of support from community partners like Chisholm & Gamon – what does it help achieve?

The partnership with Chisholm & Gamon provides much needed financial assistance to field the 28 sides weekly with also being able to grow the club even further.

5. How can non-business members of the community become involved in the Beaumaris Football Club?

We have a large requirement for volunteers on match day and during the week.  The more people we can get involved at this level, makes everybody’s job that little bit easier and can be very rewarding for the person concerned.

6. What’s the best piece of folklore attributed to the Beaumaris Football Club ie. club ghost, legendary game, legendary player?

(a) In 2003, the Beaumaris football Club lost a senior player in tragic circumstances during the pre season. The seniors were able to sneak into the top 4 by .01% and then went on to win the GF in dedication to Damian.

(b) In 2010 another exciting GF occurred and after trailing at one point in the match by 49 points, the seniors managed to steadily get back into the game and ended up winning by 1 point. This was a great day for the club and for the community.

7. Who are some of the best-known names in AFL to have come from the Beaumaris Football Club?

We have several player and many more fringe success stories. Here is a list of the Beaumaris Football Club stars! 

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