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Pets are an important part of many people’s lives and a comforting part of our homes too. Who doesn’t love coming home and hearing your pet trot towards the door to welcome you? As stressful as moving homes is for humans – don’t forget to take your four-legged friends into consideration too. In today’s Chisholm & Gamon Blog we discuss ways to help pets through both the process of selling your home, and moving.

When selling your home, pets can be quite territorial and disturbed at strangers coming through their space. It is always best to leave the home with your pet prior to open for inspections – not only to make sure that they are not made overly-anxious by having to deal with lots of new people, but to make sure that they don’t run out the open door and get lost! Once you’ve actually made the move, here are some suggestions for keeping your pets safe and stress-free.

§ Make sure that your new home has secure boundaries which are pet-proof, and that prior to letting your pets into the backyard you’re made sure that the garden is safe and there are no remnants of snail bait or poison. 

§ Register your pet with the local council in your new area, making sure that if your animal does wander off in its new surrounds it can make its way home to you.

§ Research new veterinarians in your neighbourhood, and pick up your pet’s file to transfer to their new doctor.

§ Cats are likely to become more disturbed during the moving process than dogs – on the actual day of shifting itself, try to have a friend look after your animals so they aren’t too worried by the loud sounds. Quiet calms animals, so when you do introduce your pet to their new environment pop them into one calm room and let them relax into the space for some time.

§ Don’t launder all your pets belongings at once – make sure their bedding on their first night in the new home smells familiar to them.

§ Keep pets inside their new home initially – cats should have one week inside the home to familiarise with the smells, sounds and space of the house. Dogs are a little more resilient – but they still need to be kept close to home until they are calm and familiar with their environment.

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